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Ireland VISA


Application Lodgment Time-lines : Student intending to use the AIP Scheme must apply at least 7 – 8 weeks prior to proposed course start date.

NOTE : Prepare two sets of documents including Original + one set of Copy on A4 size paper as follows.

Cover letter duly signed by the applicant - highlighting list of Documents attached

  1. Your signed and dated on-line summary application form and the appropriate fee for single entry and must be accompanied by the supporting documents set out below
    Please follow the link to fill in on-line application form :
  2. Student Questionnaire -
  3. Two colored passport size photographs not more than 6 months old.
    1. Your name and visa application reference number must be printed clearly on the back. (size 35mm x 45mm)
  4. Your current passport and previous passport (if any). Current passport must be valid for at least 12 months after your proposed date of arrival in Ireland and should have one blank page at least.
  5. Copy of Passport – all used pages only
  6. A signed letter of application (SoP) including your full contact details:
    1. Outlining your reasons for wanting to come to Ireland
    2. Giving details of any members of your family who are currently in Ireland or any other EU member State
    3. Undertaking that you will observe the conditions of your visa, that you will not become a burden on the State, and tht you will leave the State on the expiry of your permission to remain, and
    4. Where the course you now wish to study does not naturally follow on or relate to your educational/employment history, giving valid reasons, supported by documentary evidence (where available), for this change.
  7. Evidence that you are enrolled on a privately funded course.
    1. Where the course fees are less than EUR 6 K, fee must be paid in full to the college prior to applying for your visa.
    2. Evidence fees have been paid to the college.
  8. Evidence accounting for any gaps in your educational history. – Employment history.
    1. You must provide information to account for any gaps between your last period of full time education and your application to study in Ireland (viz – Appointment Letter, Salary slip for past 4 months, Bank statement for past six month (Salary a/c)
  9. Evidence that you have the academic ability to follow your chosen course. (Attach - CV)
    1. a. You must provide evidence that you have the ability to follow your chosen course e.g exam result, qualifications.
  10. Evidence of your level of English
  11. Police Clearance certificate – form Immigration office.
  12. Finances
      You must show that you or your sponsor have sufficient funds to support your stay in Ireland ( at least EUR 10 K for the year) without recourse to public funds or the reliance on casual employment.
      1. Bank Saving – for past six months Transactions updated till date (from from 1st Dec onward)
        1. You must provide evidence that you have the ability to follow your chosen course e.g exam result, qualifications.
      2. Investment in bank FD's – Cover letter from the bank certifying this FD's and further confirming that funds can be liquidated at short notice
      3. Education Loan if any
      4. Any other investment maturing within the validity of the program.
      5. All other investment can be certified by CA / self declared by parents Including Immovable property - You need not submit any documents to this effects –
      6. Parents / sponsor's Tax return for previous two years.
        1. If self employed – Business registration documents, Company Profile and Co. Tax return for previous one year.
        2. If doing job – form 16 issued by employer or tax return.
        3. Birth Certificate / leaving certificate – for relationship proof
  13. Medical Insurance.
  14. Original Birth Certificate for relationship proof

    Your college may arrange this on your behalf. If so, get documentary evidence. Of it is not arranged by the college, you must organize this yourself and provide evidence with your application.

  15. Previous Visa Refusals:
  16. If you have been refused a visa in the past for any country, you must provide the details and original letter issued by the authority of that country must be provided with your application.

    Not disclosing any previous visa refusals will result in your application being refused,

Note :

  1. Student intending to use the AIP scheme must apply at least 7 weeks prior to proposed course start date. Application may be lodged up to 4 months prior to proposed course start date.
  2. Application lodged 3 weeks or less before the proposed course start date will not be processed.
  3. Visa processing time 6 – 7 weeks.

Additional Documentation for unaccompanied students under 18 years

Birth Certificate : the child’s birth certificate must be submitted with the application

Consent of parent/ legal guardian :

This consent must be a notarized document, providing full details of the person in whose care the minor shall be in during their stay in Ireland and Confirming

The parents / legal guardians agreement to the child coming to Ireland for study purposes, and That the school/ host family/ education agency is the legal guardian of the unaccompanied child student during the child’s stay in Ireland.

Copies of the biometric page of the parents / guardians passports or national identity cards showing the bearer’s signature must also be provided.

Where only one parent has total custody, a Court Order bestowing sole custody of this child must be submitted.

Return of documents : All documents accompanying your application must be originals. You should keep copies of all the documents that you provide.

Original documents such as marriage/birth/death certificates will be returned to you. However, other documents such as bank statements or letters of invitation will not be returned.