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  • CAPITAL Rome
  • LANGUAGE Italian
  • MAJOR CITIES Venice, Florence, Milan, Naples, Bologna, Verona
  • CURRENCY Euro (€ )

About Italy

Italy, authoritatively the Italian Republic, is situated on the Italian Peninsula in Southern Europe, and on the two biggest islands in the Mediterranean Sea, Sicily and Sardinia. Italy imparts its northern Alpine limit to France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia.

Italy has a rich and brilliant history. It has been the home of numerous European societies, for example, the Etruscans and the Romans, and later was the origination of the development of the Renaissance, that started in Tuscany and spread all over Europe. Italy's capital, Rome, has been the focal point of Western development, and Vatican City, situated in Rome, is the focal point of the Catholic Church. The warring factions of the medieval times, at last, offered the path to a patriot development in the nineteenth century, with Italy achieving unification around the turn of the century

Why Study in Italy

High-Quality Education

Sometimes it's simple for secondary school students to forget that there is "study" involved in studying abroad in secondary school. Beside its feel and culinary wonders, Italy additionally, offers a portion of the most established colleges on the planet and is the author of the Bologna procedure (the standard in higher education in Europe and a developing in impact). Giving astounding education is another range in which Italy has earned its feeling of pride.

Art, Architecture, and Fashion

For secondary school students studying art or engineering, there is not really a superior place to study abroad than Italy. With access to endless unique works and structures that have survived many years of Italian history, students will never come up short on motivation. The Italians are likewise an exceptionally in fashionable individuals, which is evident from the moment of landing at the airport. Study the works of well-known Italian fashioners, for example, Versace, Gucci, Armani, Benetton, and Prada, just to give some examples.


Prepare to find another passion in calcio, the Italian word for the sport. Italians are extremely enthusiastic about their soccer groups. Taking after the 2006 World Cup until 2010, each container of Nutella conveyed the Italian Soccer group's logo and the expression "La colazione dei campioni del mondo," which means: the breakfast of the champions of the world. Italians are additionally extremely faithful to their local teams. Attend games, take in the melodies and the songs, study the team player profiles, and become involved with the fever.


Imagine tuning into Pavarotti and understanding the words, or perusing Dante or Machiavelli in their unique, non-interpreted content. Italian is an amazingly wonderful language and studies prove that taking in another language increments logical deduction aptitudes and battles the onset of Alzheimer's! On the off chance that you have officially taken some Italian lessons previously, studying Italian in Italy can legitimize that time you spent in class and bring life into the language.


In typical Mediterranean style, Italy invites International secondary school students and guests with open arms. This should not be underestimated when scanning for your ideal secondary school study abroad experience. Culture shock can be more serious if remaining in a nation where you feel despised by local people. The Italian active nature will likewise help you to make friends and feel more comfortable while living so distant from home.


Being in the Mediterranean, Italy has a portion of the best climate in Europe. It is considerably hotter than its northern neighbors and the skies are quite often a delightful blue. Stuck inside studying for a test or composing a paper? Bring a fast stroll down the road, appreciate the daylight, and your mindset will enhance quickly.

Cost of Living in Italy

Italy is such an incredible place for pursuing your study abroad dream and incredibly, it doesn't infer high expenses. You can get exclusive expectation training in a standout amongst the most eminent colleges on the planet and furthermore observe the absolute most renowned attractions, ventured in history and culture, all at exceptionally moderate costs.

Tuition expenses

Educational expenses at Italian colleges are exceptionally moderate, particularly on account of state funded colleges. Despite the fact that the educational cost expenses are distinctive as indicated by the level of degree, the college and the study program, the normal one's territory in the vicinity of 850 and 1,000 EUR every year in state-funded colleges and you should expect bigger aggregates in private colleges. In any case, a portion of the prestigious state-funded colleges in Italy can have educational cost charges that surpass 1,000 EUR/year.

In many foundations, EU students additionally advantage from lower educational cost expenses contrasted with non-EU students and a portion of the state colleges in Italy set the educational cost in based on the student's parental pay.

Living expenses

The general living expenses for students in Italy extend in the area of 1,000 and 1,500 EUR/month, this including accommodation, food costs, Public transportation, neighborhood travel as well as enjoyment.

Rome is only somewhat more costly, contrasted with whatever is left of the Italian urban communities. Barring the settlement, students in Rome normally spend between 700 and 800 EUR/month, while in Salerno, you should set up a financial plan for no less than 650 EUR/month. In other student urban areas from Italy like Pisa, Padua, Turin or Bologna, a normal student burns through 550 EUR/month the slightest and a most extreme of 750 EUR/month.


People in public transportation would be the least demanding and most advantageous strategy to go in Italy. Public transportation in Italy is moderate and on the off chance that you hold a student card, you would pay considerably smaller rates. A monthly bus/tram/metro ticket for students is somewhere close to 25 and 35 EUR/month, contingent upon the city. The metro is truly efficient and the metro maps are anything but difficult to explore; you simply must be cautious during rush hours, as metros can get swarmed.

Taxicabs are somewhat costly and furthermore not prescribed in vast urban areas because of continuously congested driving conditions.

The train network in Italy is quick and all around kept up, so going to different urban communities in Italy is certainly a choice. In the event that you book prior tickets, you could spare cash and advantage from discounts that can get to 70% not as much as normal tickets.

In spite of the fact that not really bicycle friendly, you can simply go with a bike, notwithstanding for just respecting the city. In Milan, for instance, you will discover the BikeMi! – A bicycle sharing activity, where you can lease a bicycle for an everyday 2.50 EUR or week after week 6 EUR.

Health Insurance in Italy

Medical insurance in Italy is essentially sorted out on a provincial level through the broadly settled Servizio Sanitario Nazionale (SSN), which gives widespread scope, including the full financing of public specialists and prescription drugs. Framed in 1978, the SSN has expanded the accessibility of medicinal protection in Italy.

While general society benefits in Italy are dependable, as a non-native you likewise have the choice of securing private Medical insurance in Italy, which the dominant part of outsiders has a tendency to do. It is important to comprehend which sort of Medical insurance in Italy, you are qualified for long before stepping on an airplane. Medicinal protection in Italy is an essential in the event that you plan to remain for longer than 90 days.

Qualification for International Students

In the event that you are a global student, Medical insurance in Italy is required before you arrive. It is basic to visit your medicinal services supplier at home, get the important documents to exhibit confirmation of scope, and prove these documents both at the Italian Consulate closest to you, and in addition at the Questura, or police headquarters, within eight days of arrival into the nation. This information is important, as, in order to broaden the length of your time in Italy for more than 90 days, you should acquire a permit to remain. Without evidence of scope from your home supplier, this is difficult to do.

Private Insurance in Italy

In the event that you have private coverage at home, as a non-EU subject, the prerequisites are distinctive. All together for your private Medical insurance in Italy to be legitimate and to acquire a permit to stay, a few necessities incorporate yet are not constrained to authenticity in the Schengen territory, correct scope period and costs and a ceiling of 30,000 Euros.

On the off chance that you proceed with private Medical insurance in Italy, it is prescribed that you put resources into the INA-Assitalia Insurance, or urgent medical assistance in with the Emergency Room of any hospital. This expenses around 49 Euros for six months and 98 Euros for one year.

Public Insurance in Italy

On the off chance that you pick Italy's public Medical insurance policy, then you, obviously, will subscribe to the previously mentioned SSN. In order to apply, there is an expense of roughly 145 Euros, which you should pay for at the post office while finishing a MODELLO F24 form. After requesting for your stay permit, you should bring this form, valid passport, and also the receipt demonstrating you have applied for a stay permit. When you have said documents, you should visit the A.S.L., the neighborhood wellbeing branch in your general vicinity, with a specific end goal to finish the protection application process. This therapeutic protection in Italy considers full scope, not just in emergency circumstances like private protection.

Minimum wage per month

The minimum wage in Italy is negotiated and set as per each industry sector.

Max. Hours of work


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