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  • CAPITAL Amsterdam
  • LANGUAGE Dutch
  • MAJOR CITIES Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, Eindhoven, Tilburg, Groningen
  • CURRENCY Euro (€ )

About Netherlands

Your 'student' experience in the Netherlands is bound to be quite enriching. It is indeed a small country in comparison to so many others. However, it has made a significant impact on the world in several ways. This is why several international companies have their headquarters in the Netherlands.

You will always feel welcome here. Almost four million people from amongst a total populace of almost 17 million are foreigners. This multi-ethnicity has been in evidence for hundreds of years. Locals and foreigners find it easy to gain employment here.

The Dutch go out of their way to be friendly and receptive. They converse comfortably in English with people from overseas. The Netherlands ranks third in the world for English (as a second language) proficiency. This proficiency helps the Dutch to satisfy their curiosity about alien cultures.

The Netherlands has one of the highest population densities in the world. Over 17 million people reside in just about 41,500 square kilometers of area. This works out to about 500 individuals occupying one square kilometer of area. Yet, not a single city boasts of even one million inhabitants!

The employment ratio is high. Families generally enjoy a good work-life balance. The Dutch believe in an egalitarian society and normal behavior. The Dutch are able to remain stress-free, due to their heavy concentration on physical activities. A vast majority go in for weekend sports that keep them fit and healthy. Many even go in for daily, weekly or monthly non-sports physical activities. They are the most active of all EU nations. The Netherlands has almost 1,000 museums displaying unique Dutch culture in diverse forms.

Why Study in Netherlands ?

The friendly Dutch welcome students from across the globe with open hearts. This is evident from the trouble they take to acquire expertise in the English language. Universities in the Netherlands offer over 2,000 programs, which use English as a medium of instruction. Of course, each university functions in alignment with its own rules and regulations.

They cover a broad range of disciplines at the undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate levels. There are diploma, certificate and doctoral (PhD) courses on offer too. All universities have one thing in common. They require you to take an IELTS, TOEFL or English language test, if your native language is not English.

The Netherlands adhere to the best study traditions in the world. Therefore, your degrees are accepted everywhere across the globe. Many local and international companies offer internship positions to students, after they complete their studies. You may use them to launch your professional network worldwide.

The Dutch will respect you only if you work hard and qualify for the high-quality study programs. It would be good to sign up for an introductory course, in order to learn the basics of the Dutch language. You will gain many friends because of your interest in their language. Additionally, your stay in an alien country will prove to be highly comfortable.

The Netherlands is an attractive option for students desiring to study abroad. Tuition charges are highly affordable in the Netherlands. We cannot say the same of other nations in the European Union (EU) or in the West. The Dutch Government goes out of its way to subsidize costs as much as possible.


It would not be wise to pay 35 Euros or more every month, for public transportation. Instead, you may go in for renting a bicycle. A second-hand one will also do. The Dutch prefer riding a bike to using any other mode of transport.


You will need money for food and drink too. Of course, the expenses will vary, depending upon the kind of lifestyle you choose. It also depends upon cost of living in the city where you reside. However, you should be able to manage with around 170 or so Euros each month.

Living Expenses

Some amount of money is required for leisure-time activities, healthcare and clothing. Maybe, you could set aside 1,000 Euros per month to cover these expenses.


Orange Tulip Scholarship

The Holland Scholarship Program (HSP)

Orange Knowledge Programme (OKP

VU Fellowship Program (VUFP)

Minimum wage per month


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