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  • CAPITAL Warsaw
  • LANGUAGE Polish
  • MAJOR CITIES Krakow, Łódź, Wrocław, Poznań, Gdańsk
  • CURRENCY Polish złoty (zł)

About Poland

Poland is a modern facility and element nation loaded with lifetime open doors for youngsters willing to get quality training, upgrade their insight, enhance aptitudes and lift universal experience. It is a center spanning East and West, North and South, consolidating cosmopolitan demeanor and rich verifiable legacy. With more than 1.5 million students it has one of the most noteworthy schooling files in Europe.

Polish colleges exhibit the most elevated benchmarks of educating, meet all quality criteria and are turning out to be increasingly worldwide. They continually push ahead and create, being the main thrust of Poland's example of overcoming adversity. Magnificent and liberal teachers, student-focused staff, modern facility offices and an assortment of courses instructed in foreign languages make Polish colleges exceptionally attractive for outside students. It will all serve you to bolster your self- improvement and expert profession.

Why Study in Poland?

High-Quality Education

Poland has more than 450 Higher Education foundations. The best three of them are generally perceived as regional academic centers. International students concur that colleges in Poland give a portion of the best higher education in Europe.

Poland has roughly 450 higher education organizations. Some of them are national academic centers as polished as the local ones. Everybody should discover here a decent place for study paying little mind to the territory competitor is occupied with. In Poland, there are many specific colleges, for example, medicinal, agriculture, technical, financial, music and expressive arts institutes. Over that, there are many private colleges yet just a few among them are prestigious and offer study programs in English.

The nature of the entire education process in Poland is always assessed. Presently Poland is attempting to enhance the associations amongst business and science to help graduates in their future vocation.

Polish Hospitality

The main thing that each individual who has gone by Poland highlight is friendliness. Polish are friendly, particularly for outside visitors. Poles are notwithstanding clowning that they are more tender to outside individuals than to the nationals. You can feel it in the city, at the college or from your Polish companions.

You shouldn't feel embarrassed if your Poles companions would invite you for a gathering, dispatch or to the bistro. Try not to be amazement if they likewise demonstrate to you the entire city and reveal to some surprising stories. Most likely you will value their endeavors in helping you can rest easy and agreeable in Poland.

Regardless of the possibility that some senior people in Poland can't communicate in English, they will dependably do their best to help you. Regularly in urban areas and among youthful, there are no issues with correspondence in English.


Today, the Polish higher education framework is growing quickly. Poland holds fourth place in Europe (after the United Kingdom, Germany, and France) regarding the quantity of individuals enlisted in higher education. The aggregate student population at more than 400 college level schools is right around 1.5 million. Every year a large portion of a million youngsters start their training at colleges and universities. Most schools offer courses in foreign languages.

Bologna Process

Poland has a dynamic influence in the Bologna Process. Inferable from the presentation of three-phase education demonstrated on Bachelor/Master/Doctoral studies and in addition the European Credit Transfer System, both Polish students and outsiders examining in Poland remain completely portable and can proceed with their training somewhere else in the European Union. Inside simply the Erasmus Program that has been continuing for more than 20 years now, more than 43,000 foreign students have come to study in Poland while very nearly 100,000 students from Poland have taken a portion of their training in another nation inside the European Union. International Students coming to Poland can expect the most appealing and expanded education openings meeting high European standards. They can study medicine, biotechnology or engineering, additionally arts and business. The certificate granted to them upon graduation is perceived far reaching as well as in key nations of the world.

Personal Security

Poland is much more secure than the vast majority of the European nations. Indeed, even the Nordic nations, considered as extremely protected, have much higher crime ratio than Poland. It's consummately safe in here for international students of all races, convictions, and origins.

Fast Growing Stable Economy

Low expenses of studying and living despite the fact that Poland is experiencing a procedure of fast monetary advancement, the typical cost for basic items is still altogether lower than in the vast majority of the EU nations. An aggregate sum of 200-400 Euros is sufficient to take care of the fundamental expense of accommodation, food, and transport. The cost of amusement and cooperation in social occasions are additionally much lower than EU normal. The fundamental cost of studies is likewise extremely aggressive. The base rate is 2000 Euro a year, which is a couple times lower than the EU normal. For quick monetary improvement Since 20 years, Polish economy has essentially been developing.

Cost of Living in Poland

It's a dependable fact that living in Poland is much less expensive than in other European nations. Moderate costs of food, lease, and entertainment are typically one of the primary reasons why individuals picked Poland to be their home. In the meantime, if you are considering moving to Poland you should think about that you may earn significantly less than you used to.

Poland is an available European nation with a quite stable economy and living expenses of 300 – 650 EUR/month. You can adjust your financial plan contingent upon the city or territory you wish to think about in. Bigger urban areas, for example, Krakow or Warsaw require 450 – 550 EUR/month.

If you will discover a degree course in a smaller town as Radom, Sochaczew or Stalowa Wola, you will require an aggregate of 300 – 350 EUR/month. The most costly city of Poland is Pulkowice, where you will spend around 600 – 650 EUR/month.

The average value of other monthly expense like the cost of food is around 100 to 150 EUR, Transportation cost is 15 to 20 EUR, For entertainment, it costs 20-30 EUR, For study material, it costs around 30-50 EUR and 70 to 100 EUR for other expenses.

Health Insurance in Poland

Before concentrate abroad, it is basic that worldwide students have sufficient medical coverage scope for the duration of their remain. You would prefer not to be found guard if the sudden may happen and you turn out to be sick or harmed while you are abroad. In the event that you need to get social insurance medicines while in Poland, you will be dealt with on an indistinguishable premise from a Polish inhabitant. You might be required to make a patient commitment to the cost of your care. Therefore, it is best to have satisfactory medical coverage for the term of your stay in Poland.

Health Care in Poland

The health care system in Poland depends on a general medical coverage system. Sponsored health services are given to Polish occupants that are secured by the general medical coverage. This can be either on a mandatory or an intentional premise. The standard of general health care in Poland is high; medicinal staff is amazingly very much prepared.

EU Nationals

If you are an EU national in Poland who holds a European Health Insurance Card you can get free general health care. This incorporates access to essential care, hospital management, dental cure, and ambulance transport. Emergency treatment and treatment on account of sudden sicknesses are for the most part free of charge. At times you might be made a request to pay forthright, however, do whatever it takes not to do as such. If you do need to pay, ensure you get a legitimate receipt with each treatment recorded.

Non-EU Nationals

If you are a worldwide student from a non-EU nation, you should buy medical coverage before your trip to Poland. Worldwide students are required to present verification of satisfactory medical coverage scope when applying for a student visa.

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