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Here, I am very thankful to Mr. Anirudh Bharadwaj at Future Counselor for helping me to take the decision of my career. I got a one-on-one counseling session from Mr. Anirudh Bharadwaj at FC, he understood my concern about the career which I want to pursue. I really appreciate the help and support rendered to me by Future Counselor for my admission process. Thank you.! :)

Siddhesh Hirurkar, Deakin University, Australia

Future Counsellors has not only helped me find my dream college but also made sure of motivating me on the way. Now a days all consultancies are money-oriented but things are different here. You will get 100% honest information here and not sugarcoated like others. I am very happy with my experience with Future Counsellors.

Yash Parate, ESC Rennes, France

I am connected with Future Counselors since June 2018, when I decided to study abroad, and from that day till now, they have been with me at every moment, be it from booking seat for IELTS exam, to preparations for the same, from selecting the University, to booking appointment with VFS, they guided me with gathering the correct documents, helped me with creating SoPs, they took follow ups for almost everything, even after my interview at VFS office, they were with me, in short, they played a key role in helping me going abroad for studies.

Nitanshu Kamble, DBS, Ireland

Being a student of future counsellor I feel very happy to share my views. I joined future counsellor to know a path for my future for doing masters in abroad. As a beginner and not aware of any procedures and requirements I was being guided through all the possible ways to follow my dream. Mr.Aniruddha Bharadwaj sir personally took care of all the things and guided me extremely well. Future counsellors also helped me with my application procedure with very ease. I thank future counsellor and Anirudha sir for helping and guiding me in making my dream come true.

Radha Bhoyar, University of Limerick, Ireland

One of my friend suggested me to go through future Counselors .Since I was from Bangalore I had a thought running in my mind that it would be very difficult to cope up with them since the communication would either by calls or emails but surprisingly my Counselor Anirudh was very helpful and very encouraging throughout the process .Right from the beginning of applying to the universities ,future Counselors made the journey very smooth ,very quick and hassle free I would be happy to recommend to anyone who would want to study abroad. Last one to add on I have seen many consultancy they don’t give personal attention but here i got the personal attention and a motivation to do things faster from my Counselor. Thank you Anirudh

Varsha Ranganathan, DBS, Ireland