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The British Home Office requires any non citizen who seeks entry into England, Wales, and Scotland to obtain a Student visa. This student visa has a specific validity period and certain conditions attached to ensure that the student entering the UK understands their obligations. Students are required to maintain their enrollment with a prescribed Institution.

We have given you a summary of the major areas to understand in respect to the Visa Application process.


A visa is an entry clearance which gives permission to the student to enter the Country to Study. Each year thousands of international students attain a visa to study in the UK.

Global Opportunities helps thousands of Indian students enter varied universities in the UK every year. We also provide full support to our students to apply for student visas.


The UK Universities are world renowned and its degree is acknowledged & accepted globally. The students gain skills, best qualifications and experience which make them the best amongst their generation.

Important Information for Indian Students:
  • International students at UK universities can work 20 hours a week during studies if going for a course at level 6 or above.
  • International students at UK universities can work full time (40 hours a week) during holiday periods if going for a course at level 6 or above.
  • After graduating you can work full-time in the UK if your job is in the relevant field & provides a salary of minimum 20,000 GBP
  • The UK's leading employers expect to recruit significantly more graduates in 2014 and are offering 8.7% more entry-level vacancies than last year – the biggest annual rise in graduate recruitment for four years.
  • Graduate starting salaries for 2014 at the UK's leading graduate employers are expected to remain unchanged for an unprecedented fifth year – at a median of £29,000.
  • Students will have four months to find a job after they graduate.
  • Graduate Entrepreneurship Scheme (TIER 1) - 1900 places under this scheme which gives an opportunity for Postgraduate students to extend their visa by 1 year.